LAN Cannot Connect to Internet but LuCi diagnostics can

I remember when I changed from v19.07 to the v21.02.0-rc4 version, there were several changes automatically made to the settings. It worked, but I eventually changed back for reasons unrelated to this problem.

It is very important to save a config copy so you can go back to the v17.07 state, and if you are running OK, do the same for v21.02

I can't remember enough to be sure of the update changes that are made to the config, not even sure if 2 or 3 popup warnings appeared. There are quite a few changes to the structure and contents of the config files; some well-documented tweaks, bypassing LuCi, will no longer work because the files to be edited no longer exist.

It's worth being paranoid about config back-ups.

Any ideas what is wrong with my configuration or what I can do to debug the problem?

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