LAG Ethernet Link Aggregation

Okay, so my modem supports LAG, or as they describe it, "Ethernet Link Aggregation". Is there away I can leverage this on openwrt? I already have a stable Wan and Wan6 configuration, however my modem has this feature for combining two Ethernet Links through Aggregation. If it would be beneficial to use, can I leverage it on openwrt.

Try Trunk (2 port aggregation) possible?

Keep in mind, if you combine two or more 1gbit ports, your max speed per client will still be 1gbit.


That is actually perfect. I am not too worried about the 1gbit limitation especially since each port is only rated for theoretical "1gbit". I was looking more so for the link redundancy.

per connection / frame / datagram (if the user can bond on the client as well)

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True, I didn't think of that scenario..

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