LACP bonding support

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My ALIX 2D13 router with 3 x 100Mb NIC is sitting behind a fiber line (100Mb download, 50Mb upload) and I need to increase the bandwidth using bonding. At first, I would like to aggregate 2xNICs. My switch supports Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) is all modes (active, passive, on).

Under Debian, LACP is supported the following way:

Can it be done under LEDE? I found the package kmod-bonding in LED, but not ifenslave.

I also found this project:

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The short answer is that a bond0 interface is seen by LEDE. But this bond0 has no parents. I will report more, if you have any information, please tell me and I will write a short HOWTO accordingly.

Ill take that tutorial...

yea me too

Scroll down to section "3.3 Configuring Bonding Manually with iproute2"