Lack of Ubiquiti Unifi 6 Pro on the list despite factory OpenWrt

There is no entry on the list despite propertary image utilizes it:

U6pro-BZ.6.0.15# cat openwrt_release 
DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION='LEDE Reboot 17.01.6 r3979-2252731af4'
DISTRIB_TAINTS='no-all busybox'
U6pro-BZ.6.0.15# cat openwrt_version 

I would add all info I have so far but don't see registration option on the wiki.
Also are there any specific requirements/information to add device to list of automatically build ones ?

OpenWrt is Opensource software and used by many OEMs as a cheap way to add a free Firmware and UI for their device.

17.01 is 5 years old at this point. You'd need to talk to your OEM vendor.

EDIT: If you want to build your own source and attempt to support the device, check to see if it meets the min requirements and check out

You might want to start collecting the hardware information at

Despite of what it might make you believe, that device isn't running OpenWrt/ LEDE at all, but relies on the semi-proprietary QSDK and is probably butchered up by Ubiquiti as well. ipq50xx is not supported by OpenWrt at this point, never was, isn't very likely to 'ever' will be (that 'ever' might be a bit harsh, but there's no one working on ipq5010 yet and under 512 MB RAM it's not going to work out either).

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I hope that someone can find the time to help shoehorn this in.

Can anyone confirm if the Unifi 6 Pro is supported with OpenWRT without issues?

What about this thread gives you any indication it’s supported at all? In fact the post by @slh indicates it may never be.


Anything is possible but since a developer is basically starting at zero with this SOC there would be a long way to go.

However, if a developer wants to take this on please contact me for sponsorship material.