L2TP Client Config


A few years ago I had asked for help configuring a TP-Link Archer C20V4.1 running OpenWRT with Luci UI to act as a L2TP client. At the time I was able to successfully configure this to work as a PPTP client and was happy with that solution, which still works today. However, I am now looking to change this to a a L2TP client and again looking for some help. I’ve searched but cannot find a step-by-step guide on how to configure. Anyone willing to hold my hand converting?

Original topic is here Help with configuration and this is working. Looking for the exact same setup (router connects via Wi-Fi to existing SSID which is path to internet. Router connects to VPN via L2TP, router creates a second SSID with dhcp and all traffic from router’s clients is passed through vpn)

Thanks in advance for anyone willing to hold my hand on this.