KuWfi Tenbay WIFI-6 AX T-MB5EU-V01

Recover is easy with a serial console & tftp

never done anything with serial/UART nor do I have any relevant hardware/tools here, so that's going to be fun

3.3V or 5V, btw?

Most are 3.3v.

Tried soldering today, found it impossible for me. The three connectors are so close to another & other parts that I ended up burning the board trying to get each of the solder points right, lol. Last time I'll be buying a router/board of such ingenious design, that's for sure.

Still, if somebody manages so run a recent snapshot, please tell.

nvvt ->

I am 77 years old I manage to weld the 3 wires as in the following image

What did you use as a soldering iron, a flame spear?

Standard soldering iron with 0.2mm & 1.2mm tips, alternatively. IDK what I did but the solder wire just forms lumps and/or won't stick (with the wires) to the board. (In fact, most of the solder just evaporates.)

The board itself didn't literally go up in flames, it's just that one of the three connectors seems charred and I doubt that much prolonged heat did the rest good either.

iron of 1.2 is too small
it takes at least 2 to 3 mm
450° temperature because these are metallized holes
60% sn/pb solder is needed
it is necessary to solder very quickly

Alright, I tried a final time with 450° & the 3 mm tip; if it wasn't burnt then, now it is.

Bummer as I've just ruined a working router over a broken commit & an easy recovery over my ineptitude.

See picture if you want to laugh/wince.

Your welds are bizarre and on the wrong side of the printed circuit
It was necessary to do as in the photo to the designs


Ofc, I have no experience with welding. It's not the wrong side though, I just rotated the board.

For what it's worth, most of the damage & that wire visible came when it was already apparent that the board was a goner. (I originally tried placing solid wires as in your picture.)

Sorry for you but you had to ask someone who knows how to use a soldering iron...

Watch some video!