Kubernetes (k3s) on Linksys wrt1200ac wrt1900acx wrt3200acm wrt32x builds

Hi All

Wondering if someone has got k3s working on the Linksys setup.
I will be getting my hands on a wrt1200ac v2, so tempted to see if anyone else has been playing with k3s on this HW.

Here's a interesting blog but for x86 apu2 build:

these days I make most of my money helping companies to build their infrastructure around Kubernetes

might be worthwhile if you first state if this is a commercial / non-opensource product and any interest you have in it?

Not sure what you mean by quoting a sentence from the blog. It was just for reference of k3s running on apu2 HW on openwrt.

My interest to run some containers on wrt1200AC if k3s can run in semi-optimal way due to HW resource restrictions.

@yousong has added it to his custom package repo.

It's not built from source, but he claims it's working without issues.

You have to add your target mvebu to the Makefile and test if it works on your desired device.


Thank you!