Ksmbd slow on windows & fast on android

time to ask for help :slight_smile:
hey everyone ...
I have finished installing ksmbd on my router
And I added custom Permissions for each user
Now the problem I'm running into is this:
The transfer speed on my phone and on Windows is good and acceptable
But browsing speed on Android is great and on Windows 10 is very bad
Especially if the folder contains a lot of photos
Even if I try to see the file properties, Windows freezes for 30 seconds

Disable previews and other Windows Explorer features, where it reads/indexes the files, not only lists them.

From my perspective, Windows 10/11 Explorer has weird/slow file share browsing behaviour in general. Occasionally it will be laggy, when trying to access folders (for unknown reasons). If this happens via network + USB2 + classic spinning disk, this could add up.

Photos from my experience can stack up to the previously mentioned issues:
You could check 2 things:

  • try β€žnoatimeβ€œ in your OpenWRT file system mount point options
  • Does this happen on each browse activity or only once? As Windows10/11 tends to maintain thumbnail cache files for images and videos. Thus reading all such files on first system browse access, to create the thumbnails db. I think, this behavior can be disabled in Windows registry.

but I need to see the previews and the details :smiling_face_with_tear:

hope you like long coffee breaks then :wink:

or install Irfanview.

I will try it after finishing my exam :smiling_face_with_tear:

Try to help nobody because your help is useless :sweat_smile:

That makes you the nobody.

Reality hurts, call the Microsoft helpdesk, your issue's with Windows, not Openwrt.

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I don't mind being nobody as long as you admit you're useless :grin:

Hmmm you should reconsider the way you treat people who freely help you. There's no need to be rude.

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hi my friend
I'm using usb2 and ssd
the problem happening on everything
browsing "new folder" with "new photos in it " for example
or playing any video on the ssd with vlc ... it take the same amount of time what ever the size of the file " about 30 sec" to start loading and won't keep playing .. vlc will crash
I tried to add excel file and edit it on the smb
I can make the new file but when I try to open it to start editing it .. excel just froze
something weird happening

and I couldn't find noatime in config file for ksmbd :face_with_peeking_eye:
could you help me little more ?

I don't mean to hurt anyone or underestimate anyone.. I'm just kidding
And he responded to the joke in the same way.. I didn't mind that :no_mouth:
by the way this is not the first time he try flex on me on openwrt forum

You'd use noatime in fstab when you mount your partition/drive.

"The data partition's mount options, e.g. noexec,noatime,nodiratim."

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