Kong OpenWrt Thread

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I posted here, however I was wondering if there is a new Kong thread since he is now building OpenWRT for my Netgear R7800. I have been running his DD-WRT builds for some time and am looking to move to OpenWRT, however I cannot find any threads for his builds. I know there was one that was closed/deleted, but curious if another has opened. Searched but could not find one. Any help would be appreciated. thanks and I'm looking forward to using OpenWRT on my hardware :grin:


Thanks for the response @tmomas. I did find that thread you are referencing. Was curious if there was another one created that picked up where the original one left off. Sounds like there isn't, which is a bummer since that thread had notes/updates about Kong's builds. I do see a new build for today on his server so will flash when I have some time this weekend.

I'm starting to believe this guy went into hiding from all the people chasing him (seriously though... :pray: all is well).


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You can download the latest build (18JAN2020) here:

There are not releasenotes whatever, is it 19.07 stable, there were a lot of 19.07 before this one.

I want to start with a fresh and tuned OpenWRT image on my R7800, but this is too risky for me. I have a high speed line and it is said that Kong has the highest throughput.

I hope a new support thread with usefull info will start again, the information in the old one is gone unfortunately. To bad that Kong doesn't comment here on his builds. hnyman has a good thread but his build will do half of my line speed if I understand correctly.

Yes, please.

Kong is one of the best developers on the ddwrt firmware field for the routers that he used and supported. He chose to go to openwrt and is now homeless.

I'm sure he is welcome to come onto the openwrt forum and share his experience and knowledge if he wanted to.

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no he is not homelss , he is one of the best, in DDwrt users still using his old builds, which are now 1 year old, maybe he choose to work his own way, away from threads and humans who always are unsatisfied, we must respect it!

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You are right. Very poor choice of words. Kong is not at ddwrt nor at openwrt forums either. So, in that sense, we do miss him. He still shares his firmwares with his site. I have used Kong firmware for years and was very impressed and happy with them.

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@KONG can we get netem added to you repo please? Thanks in advance