Kong OpenWrt Thread

Hello everyone,

It has been some time since I posted here, however I was wondering if there is a new Kong thread since he is now building OpenWRT for my Netgear R7800. I have been running his DD-WRT builds for some time and am looking to move to OpenWRT, however I cannot find any threads for his builds. I know there was one that was closed/deleted, but curious if another has opened. Searched but could not find one. Any help would be appreciated. thanks and I'm looking forward to using OpenWRT on my hardware :grin:

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Thanks for the response @tmomas. I did find that thread you are referencing. Was curious if there was another one created that picked up where the original one left off. Sounds like there isn't, which is a bummer since that thread had notes/updates about Kong's builds. I do see a new build for today on his server so will flash when I have some time this weekend.

I'm starting to believe this guy went into hiding from all the people chasing him (seriously though... :pray: all is well).


You can download the latest build (18JAN2020) here:

There are not releasenotes whatever, is it 19.07 stable, there were a lot of 19.07 before this one.

I want to start with a fresh and tuned OpenWRT image on my R7800, but this is too risky for me. I have a high speed line and it is said that Kong has the highest throughput.

I hope a new support thread with usefull info will start again, the information in the old one is gone unfortunately. To bad that Kong doesn't comment here on his builds. hnyman has a good thread but his build will do half of my line speed if I understand correctly.

Yes, please.