Knot-resolver not available for lede/openwrt?

Hi guys, im wondering if knot-resolver is available in openwrt package. I heard its faster than unbound in full resolving mode. Is this true?

Where did you hear that, any data to corroborate?

In my experience there is no noticeable performance advantage by either app. Each has its own pros/cons.

knot is available (but the listing does not include "knot-resolver" specifically).

As seen from the packgage table in wiki:[Name_pkg-dependencies*~]=knot

Source repo:

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Its discussed here. Basically used alongside pi hole. Both unbound and knot resolver in parallel and surprisingly pihole reported that knot resolver does answer the queries more. Im not sure if that translate to a faster response, but it seems like it. Other than that not much i can find yet.

May i know what the pro/cons are please.

Pros/Cons are likely being subjective to the user's preferences (e.g. configuration syntax) and/or use case (e.g. particular feature support).

I’d be interested in any hard information on the “faster” claims as the time to resolve a new inquiry would seem to be dominated by RTT to the servers in home/SOHO situations (where DNS isn’t resource constrained).

I think thats the whole point. Im wondering what it can offer for soho/home environment. Not commercial level users upwards hundreds of users that require thousands of quiries. Im a good ol home/soho network enthusiast.

I did see that knot-resolver is used by cloudflare for their dns server though.

that is not the resolver component (recursor) being deployed but knot-DNS (High-performance authoritative-only DNS server) and though not topic relevant but just in case of interest here is a benchmark for that latter component

Silly me, i shoulda known that. Still curious bout the resolver performance though. Hopefully it comes to openwrt package soon.

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