Kmod-package on arm fling installation


I have installed OpenWRT 19.07 on a VM on ESXI Arm Fling on a RPi with the VM found on this topic. Arm fling installation
This works great but I have one problem. I can't install the kmod-rt2x00-usb package. When installing, I get this error.

I need this package to use a RT5370 chipset USB wifi adapter. I tested it on a bare metal installation on the same Pi and it works there, so the adapter itself is not the problem I suppose.

I think I found the cause of the problem on this topic. Problem with TP-LINK TL-WN7200ND in OpenWrt Snapshot
At the bottom they mention that a change of the package fixed it and that the fix is implemented in version 20.03.

But because the installation is a VM, it is not so easy to upgrade the firmware to this version (Not possible in LuCi).

Does anybody know how I can

  • implement the change in the package on my current installation?


  • Upgrade the firmware to a newer version?

Thanks in advance!

What happens when you simply install the required package - noted in the error message?



opkg doens't find usbcore literally.

On the bare metal installation, I found out that I need following packages:

  • Kmod-usb-core

  • Kmod-usb-uhci

  • Kmod-usb-ohci

  • Kmod-usb2

  • Usbutils

These are also installed in the VM, already from installation. I didn't install them manually, in the bare metal installation I had to.
But removing all packages and reinstalling them doesn't help.

But when I try to install kmod-rt2x00-usb, following error occurs. But the package does show as installed in LuCi, but he doesn't work. And every time OpenWRT reboots, the error is in the log files.

is that installed?

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Chances for passing through a USB WLAN card to a VM are minimal to begin with, as USB can't be passed through (like PCIe could be) but needs to be partially emulated and WLAN drivers generally being very timing sensitive (rt2800usb isn't going to be great to work with in AP mode either).

Apart from that, keep in mind that 19.06.x is EOL, upgrade to 22.03.x first (not that I expect that to work much better, but at least it has security support) - I wouldn't be surprised either if ESXI/ ARM wouldn't provide USB support or other exotic-on-ARM use cases.

it wasn't but it didn't solve the issue either.

I know that performance won't be great, but I won't use it on a day to day basis, so I won't mind the performance issues.

I would also like to upgrade to 22.03, but I don't know how because I can't flash a new firmware image automatically.