Kmod dependency issue & noob questions

I posted the gist of this on openwrt subreddit, so, if you are subbed there, you may have seen this already.
Router is Netgear R6220 and I have installed ROOter firmware (OpenWRT 18.06.1)
The router has 128MiB/128MiB, but, 60MiB of storage is a reserved partition, I had hoped I could install kmod-mtd-rw and recapture the reserved storage for use with the router.
However, I got a dependency error when I attempted to install it.

Obviously, this is a kernel issue. But, I am wondering how to resolve it. Since the kernel on my router is 4.14.63 and the error shown above involves dependency of kernel 4.14.63+git-20160214-1
What actually is signified by "4.14.63+git-20160214-1" and what makes it different than my router's kernel 4.14.63?
This is all a learning opportunity for me.
So, even if I am able to open the reserved 60mb for read and writes, I don't know if or how I could utilize it for installing packages.

the downloaded package(kmod) was compiled on a different machine and at a different time that your current kernel... how to resolve it... ask your distro maintainer where their packages are...


You'll need to ask Rooter about that. The 18.06.1 kernel for OpenWrt was 4.9.120

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I am curious where you found that information. I know that ROOter is Openwrt distro and their distribution repositories all point to openwrt's e.g. "src/gz openwrt_core"

My wrong, my device is on different arch.

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Kernel dependencies are very strict, the tiniest change (part of the dependency is a hash over the selected kernel configs) and it no longer matches. Given that you're not running the official OpenWrt release, there's nothing you can do here - you'd need matching kernel packages from your distribution instead.


Yeah, this is what I had kind of figured. Its not really necessary to have that reserved 60MiB partition opened for my use, but, when I see a locked door in my house, I want to know why its locked and if that's where all "the good stuff" is being stashed.

I will probably go back to the plain vanilla openwrt at some point, but, I like to play with new toys and ROOter is probably the closest I will ever get to Australia.

Nope: ROOter is a OpenWrt-based distro.

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