Klish(CLI on OpenWrt system) Complier Config Tool

I want a CLI where I can make network configurations of the switch device. OpenWrt is installed on the switch device.I selected the klish tool in the configuration settings.However, when I compiler, I encountered a CLI that supports certain commands (main tool).Missing commands I can make configuration settings.How can I solve this problem?
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You just use the UCI: https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/base-system/uci

root@OpenWrt:~# uci show network | grep network.@switch

You can also edit /etc/config/network


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Thank you for your answer. However I want to build a CLI like Cisco.(I can edit Internet protocols (STP, IGMP, DHCP etc.).
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I need to explain to avoid misunderstanding.
The klish is a framework for implementing a CISCO-like CLI on a UNIX systems. (I can edit Internet protocols (STP, IGMP, DHCP etc.).When I compile the Klish framework in OpenWrt, it is only the Main tool complier.The framework contains a limited number of commands.I want to complier the config tool of Klish framework to make network configuration settings.
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I understand...but why don't you use the built-in CLI tool?

As I already noted, it is called the Unified Command Interface.

Why are you trying to make a new one?

I would like to offer a user-friendly console screen.

I said I understood, that's what the UCI does.

Then I would suggest you have klish simply mimic the UCI commands, as the UCI already does it.

@lleachii - please, the OP question was rather specific to klish, there is no point in suggesting uci which is completely different in scope.

@demirOzgur - network configuration support of klish has not been ported to OpenWrt. I think you would first need to write a backend for it.

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I understand. Which is why I again noted:

I assume he could glean from the UCI code, correct?

I can build klish on ubuntu 18.04 easily and a quick google found buildroot makefiles:

you should be able to build klish on openwrt similarly