Kill Switch on Vilfo Router with iptables?


I heard that the firmware of the Vilfo router should be based on OpenWRT.

Some Perfect Privacy VPN users say that the kill switch on Vilfo routers does not work. The PP users unfortunately do not get any support from Vilfo regarding Kill-Switch.

I know that I can configure Kill Switch on OpenWRT via LuCI, but is it also possible via iptables and if so how? Or is there an alternative method?

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Possibly the easiest 'kill switch' on OpenWrt would be to create a VPN zone in the firewall, permit LAN > VPN forwarding, and remove LAN > WAN forwarding. If the VPN disconnects for any reason, no traffic will be allowed out of the LAN.

I don't have a Vilfo Router, but I don't think Vilfo Router has a Firewall menu with Zones.

I was describing OpenWrt (official via I can't speak to changes that may be made for non-OpenWrt builds and/or vendor specific firmware.

So what do you have?

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A Perfect Privacy VPN user has a Vilfo router.

I ask him for the files:


Then I can say more.