Keyword based website Block


Does OpenWRT have inbuilt functionality to block the website based on the keyword given to it? By giving the keyword "Face" it should block all the websites which have the word "face", ex, etc...


Openwrt uses dnsmasq, so the question is if it's doable in dnsmasq, and I don't think it is.

* works, but probably not *face*.

AdGuard home might be a better solution for you.


Using squid and setting an explicit proxy on your client devices you can accomplish this.

Can be done using customized powerdns-resolver, i,e. as upstream server for default dnsmasq.

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Using squid, a regex based block on SNI, would be easier to use, because can be done transparently.

Until 15 minutes from now when encrypted sni becomes a thing if you want to use proxies these days it's just best to use them explicitly everything works better