Kernel Versions SNAPSHOT vs Stable

I see that the recent SNAPSHOT versions have kernel 6.1.x whereas the newest Stable release (23.05.0) has kernel 5.15 (I believe.). Is there a timeline for when the next Stable would move to the 6.x kernel?

Since the most recent SNAPSHOT is using 6.1 does that mean the next Stable will also be using 6.1?

Thank you.

Yes (unless the plans get bumped to the next LTS after that (e.g. v6.6), while not on the schedule, the recent changes in LTS time frames might necessitate that).

Never ask opensource projects about time frames, it's done only when it's really finished - no one can commit to a firm date beforehand and the question itself is everything but motivating.


If you compare previous versions, you'll see that the gap between releases is usually more than a year. Meanwhile with no warranty at all, it's an opensource project (@slh's answer).

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The next stable release branch (24.0x ?) will be branched probably next spring from the current master/main branch (from which the SNAPSHOT builds are made).


I think 6.7 will be LTS seeing that in each LTS release there are 6 non-LTS versions.