Kernel upgrade openwrt 19.07, how?

I’m trying to upgrade all the packages because even though I have 802.11w enabled, it isn’t preventing deauths packets, so I decided to to first try updating the drivers, but I got the following message on one of them:

The installed version of package kernel is not compatible, require 4.14.158-1-0f59e902… while 4.14.156-1-0f59e902… is installed.

I’m on: OpenWrt 19.07-SNAPSHOT r10774-cde70954ef

Also is the kernel number which is lower the newer the kernel?

It is a very poor idea to upgrade packages in Openwrt, especially form a snapshot.

Install a new snapshot instead.


I would try installing full wpad and not wpad basic.

  • I agree with @PolynomialDivision - that for 802.11w , you'll need wpad (full) installed
  • To upgrade Kernels though, I agree with @Pilot6 - you'll need to upgrade the firmware

I went ahead and updated my bthub to the latest snapshot from here:

Now it’s just showing a solid red light. Is there a way to revert?

As your device state is a result of another firmware maker... please seek their input re: what actually happened first ( which involves some time for them to respond )...

Please update us when you find out what the verdict is...

What do you you mean another firmware maker, isn’t openwrt 19.07 your firmware?

This is the downloads page, from openwrt domain:

this is our firmware

(FYI, the site he linked, has a link to the download page.)

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