Kernel not booting on Fritzbox 7362 SL


I am trying to install openwrt on the Fritzbox 7362 SL following the instructions here.
I manage to ftp into the box with the script and using the IP address
The script apparently uploads the file openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-avm_fritz7362sl-initramfs-kernel.bin into the 7362, as no error is being produced.
Then I can see the power LED change from static green to green flashing and the to fast red flashing. I assume the kernel did not boot, as I cannot connect to the box via network.
What is going wrong?

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I've got the same problem. Did you find a way to fix it?

It's possible that initramfs is not compressed in automated builds. It worked when I submitted the pull request. I'll try to check it for the weekend.

I just downloaded the latest snapshot (Fri Oct 18 21:06:27 2019, hash 6b8da8d47631ebc399ff72de1a6fc772f28f9efc059d30d47641de6d1f0bb36c) and it's working fine. Tested on Ubuntu 18.04, I used Python 3: python3 ./openwrt-lantiq-xrx200-avm_fritz7362sl-initramfs-kernel.bin

Slow blinking green light indicates that the device is in the bootloader prompt, steady light indicates that kernel is running, then fast blinking green light indicates the failsafe prompt, and it starts blinking red automatically because it falls into failsafe mode.

Default IP for OpenWrt is regardless of the IP set in EVA environment.

Thank you for verifying, something must've gone wrong then. I'll try again until it works.

Had the same problem with the red fast flashing led. But this is not a problem.
I found out, that if the red led is fast flashing one can connect via ssh to the router. But dont forget to (re)set the IP from the device from which you flash the router to 192.168.1.x otherwise you cannot connect. maybe try to ping before connect via ssh
If you are connected via ssh to the router you can proceed to the next step and execute the sysupgrade.

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I updated the wiki with default IP and red LED info to avoid confusion in the future. @MEitelwein and @f1reflyyyylmao, please confirm if you resolved the issue.

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Yes, it works fine now. The addition to the installation guide will help whoever tries to flash his box with openwrt in the future a lot I reckon.

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