Kernel 5.4 vs kernel 5.10

Is there any advantages to the newer version? Should i compile my build using 5.10? I've read short log, i didn't saw any network improvements, did i miss something?
My router is x86. With modern hardware.

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you should state what device/target you are referring to as the answer may heavily depend on this information

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x86 router

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If you want to be experimental.
OpenWrt will gradually switch all targets to 5.10 one by one and deprecate 5.4
Right now some target have already switched, some have 5.10 as the "testing" version and 5.4 as the default, and some are still fully with 5.4

x86 seems to be in the middle phase:;a=blob;f=target/linux/x86/Makefile;h=0ab322d8bc4fd31a75cb16dba8665b1db315398f;hb=HEAD


There is nothing really special with 5.10, but the current mac80211 wifi driver framework is backported from 5.10.16 (also to 5.4), so having the matching underlying kernel may simplify something.


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