Kernel 4.19 - Mir3g

Hello, i'm using my self compiled builds for my mir3g (ramips) target since more than one year.
It works fine but tends to reboot quite often. It appears to be hw offload causing that but I prefer to keep it enabled.

So I've read there were serious improvements in 4.19 kernel and wanted to try a build switching to 4.19

But I guess I miss something. I changed kernversion in ramips makefile to 4.19 and ran a make defconfig but builds keeps failing. If i run it with V=s it keeps asking for new symbols.

Are there any more steps to switch to 4.19? Is there someone else running mir3g on 4.19? Or is it just not ready?

Thanks in advance and sorry for noobish question, open to any advice :slight_smile:

There's quite a lot more to it than just changing the minor version of your kernel. You need to sync all the patches OpenWrt is carrying, fix the ones that break, remove the ones that were upstreamed (sometimes only partially), introduce new patches for regressions that are caused by that new kernel, and whatnot.

It's not even remotely as trivial as you'd think. Even bumping patchlevels can sometimes be a nightmare.

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Hmmm guess you didn't get it. Support for 4.19 is there in master, so I just wanted to "compile" it, not create a new kernel for the target... but it fails :confused:

You didn't mention there was already 4.19 support. There should be a default version defined, maybe one level higher up. Do a git grep KERNEL in the tree and you'll find where to change the default version.

Edit: master != support for your specific architecture.

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You can try 4.19 without rewriting the Makefile by adding "CONFIG_TESTING_KERNEL" to config.

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There's no k4.19 support for ramips target. One should add it first in order for you to test it.


@Ormad See the post above. It turns out it is like I surmised - and we're back to square one :slight_smile: