Just got a Wrt3200acm for $15.00

Just grabbed it, and it’s super clean!

Any tips as for setup of openwrt I see a lot of old issues, how is the out of the box 23.05?

WiFi is pooched. Usable on 2.4 as a guest/iot network. Use an AP for anything else. There are ongoing attempts to improve it atm.

Other than that, these are still a capable series of boxes running on a wire. Dual partitions are also a real bonus. For all intents, pretty well brick proof.

There is also a Community Build here: Divested-WRT: No-nonsense hardened builds for Linksys WRT series


If I have a google wifi ap doing fine, will this at least shape 500/20 cable internet? Or am I better off keeping it stock?

It should be fine with that.

mine does 500/500 with sqm, BW monitoring, and other services running.
these devices are capable and well supported with all builds; the wireless is not reliably great so your config with a different unit as AP will be very good.