Just bought a TP-Link archer a9 Advice Wanted Should I return it?

So I guess I'm going to go with the netgear Nighthawk R7800. more people here tend to use the tp-link though right? or are they both about as common? and is there a disadvantage in using the nss build other then it being harder to set up, like is it stable?

I think they’re both equally used among OpenWRT users. If one is used more than the other, it’s probably the R7800 for its bigger flash size. The person who setup the NSS build actively updates their repo and images and stability seems to be a top priority. I used one of the master snapshots and have had 30+ days uptime.

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I see there's more then one version of the r7800 do they all work with openwrt? Also same goes for the c2600 do all hard revis work?

Page editors are pretty resilient in my experience and if there’s any faults/quirks with model versions, they are listed on the device page. If nothing is mentioned regarding the versions of a device, then I assume all versions are good. Bugs are reported very quickly and fixes happen just as quick most of the time. OpenWRT developers/community is by far the best experience I’ve had with open source firmware. I’ve used tomato and dd-wrt in the past and neither have been “on top of the game” like OpenWRT has been.

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Just Bought this, seems to be the right one.

have no clue what the -100NAS part means I get what NAS means less so the 100 part. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just to be clear above's the correct one right?

Yea, it’s a R7800 model. You should be good to go

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Thankyou I don't want another one that's not right. Any configuration tips for the R&7800 for speed, range, etc?

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