June 11 Stable Release

so we're stuck with waiting for the OpenWrt side to act

Well, from just what has been said in this thread, it sounds like people are already waiting on OpenWRT for something. While LEDE has been very active.

All I see is what's on the outside. A split happened. Lede produces a stable and already two point releases. Great activity and help in the forums. Energetic community with lots of work being done. I'm not seeing that over at OpenWRT. But I'm on the outside. Obviously the developers know best. I just meant to express my like for what LEDE has been doing since the split.

you are looking at it as if LEDE is giving something up to join OpenWRT, it's at
least equally valid to say that OpenWRT is joining LEDE.

votes take time, and it's the vote that they are waiting for.

Besides, it's not as if LEDE has setup any way to get money donated in the last

Is it correct that they would be giving up the name? Or would the LEDE name stay?

the name LEDE is going away because the majority of developers (LEDE and OpenWRT
combined) think there is more value in the OpenWRT brand than the LEDE brand.

you can view that as LEDE 'giving up' the name, or that the LEDE project is
aquiring a more valuable name (I view it as the latter)

I would hope the merge uses Lede's website software (especially the forum software).

Yeah, it's kind of hard to not associate OpenWRT with the stale development that overtook it. But if everything about LEDE is kept except for the name that's keeping LEDE.

On the face of it, you might think so. There was the tiniest of majorities - 5 in favour of OpenWrt, four in favour of LEDE, the other voters abstaining or not caring about either.

However, when you look closer, you'll notice four LEDE developers voted in favour of LEDE; and five OpenWrt developers in favour of OpenWrt. Of those five people, most of them hadn't been contributing any code to the OpenWrt project for over a year. I have been tracking OpenWrt development for over five years now and most of those names didn't ring any bell at all. I had to check one of the Trac pages listing the aliases of developers.

I was pretty happy to see LEDE become a vibrant project with a nice and responsive community; even though the LEDE codebase and governance rules will serve as the blueprint for the 'new' OpenWrt project, I'm sad to see this happen in such a way. The remaining OpenWrt developers did not hijack the vote, but it does feel so, because they were almost invisible right up till the split. Frankly, for such a contentious topic as naming (which right from the start was an issue blocking a possible re-merge) I would expect voting with special majorities and not a simple majority vote. A lot of people stated FOSS is politics... Well, this is how politics handles contentious issues: with special majority votes. But we need to let bygones be bygones eh :slight_smile:

It is indeed, that's how I feel about it too. LEDE was a fresh start, and I feel we're giving this up now.


It is indeed, that's how I feel about it too. LEDE was a fresh start, and I feel we're giving this up now.

Your post describes what I was afraid was happening. I hope that LEDE developers ultimately make the best decision for keeping LEDE a vibrant productive community--like it is now.

Guy, this topic started with 17.01.2 and drifted off to "LEDE/OpenWrt re-merge".
This fits better into this topic: OpenWRT/LEDE merge

Is it safe to upgrade from 17.01.1 to 17.02.2 and keep the settings? Would really like to avoid having to reconfigure the router.

@fantom-x: Yes, it is; at least, it went smooth for me. Just remember to follow the documented upgrade procedure.

It worked, thank you for confirming. Just had to review config file conflicts after installing all additional packages.