OpenWRT/LEDE merge

I've read that finally LEDE will be merge back to OpenWRT. Do you have any time frame or schedule when it will happen? I'm using LEDE but I don't really know when to switch to OpenWRT to have the LEDE bits too.

Any feedback are welcome.

The remerge process will take some time - currently they ( LEDE and OpenWrt members ) are voting on the latest merge proposal here. You can upgrade anytime from OpenWrt (presumably 15.5) to 17.01.1 and then to the remerged version though I would advice you to wait couple more days for the next service release 17.01.2. After that you should just wait for LEDE 17.06/7.0 and then when the remerge is completed to install the stable version.

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Thank you. So that is not going to happen in the near future.

I hope the good things from LEDE will find their way into OpenWRT. I love the regular (minor) updates. OpenWRT seems so dead to me...

I was thinking the same. Did anyone consider the "new" user base? Do we really want to merge back? If the OpenWRT team makes progress, it's good to work together. Goes the other way as well of course.

After a breakup it's usually not good to get back together. The reasons for breaking up usually don't really get resolved in the long term.

Like stated: OpenWRT seems at a standstill and LEDE is creating a name for itself. So strickly speaking for myself and not 100% clear on all the politics behind the scenes, but think long and hard before merging.


As I understand it the merged project will be mostly LEDE, eg the LEDE codebase will be used as base. However the OpenWrt brand will be used, so the code will be rebranded. Personally I think it's a good thing to use the well known OpenWrt brand, and the community is not big enough to drive two concurrenting projects.

I believe that the slow update rate on the old OpenWrt project is intentional, as the future OpenWrt will be based on LEDE.

If this merge is true, then it is definitely a great news for OpenWRT. I am definitely in for such a merge.

That's exactly the point: it's good for OpenWRT. But what about LEDE??

There is a break, the "fork" is better and now the old project wants to pick the fruits. That's how it seems. They never made a 16 version. And it will die again. When it does nobody will have faith in any other attempt to get the project going.

I'm nobody in this discussion, so time will tell.

We are recent users of LEDE having used OpenWRT for a few years. We had to start using LEDE as OpenWRT was not keeping up to date with new and updated devices. I think its a good thing for the two projects to remerge provided that the new OpenWRT keeps up the progress rate that LEDE has demonstrated.

Hi, i like every bit of the LEDE website, including this forum, more than Openwrt's. The name LEDE itself, is good and more easy to pronounce than Openwrt. It's like what happened with CyanogenMod: it became LineageOS, with the same benefits. I'm seeing that the admins are voting to merge this into Openwrt: But i still would like if everything of this will be kept, including the name, and if the admins just have to, also keep the original/former name into the homepage.