Joining two networks

Hi. Really new to OpenWRT and struggling to get to grips with a specific configuration; wondered if anyone could give me some pointers on my setup.

I’ve a router (non-OpenWRT) that takes WAN from an OpenReach fibre modem and creates a LAN that feeds the rest of the house (on a 192.168.86.x), incl. my lab. I use a connection from the LAN into the WAN of the OpenWRT device to create a second LAN with 192.168.1.x addressing.
I’ve managed to bridge the the interfaces so that - from the OpenWRT device (over an ssh session for instance) I can connect out onto the internet, but none of the devices connected to the OpenWRT LAN have a route.

I’ve tried various setting through Luci to set DNS, gateways etc but to no avail. The devices I’m connecting to the OpenWRT LAN (/WiFi) need to get addresses from the DHCP server (I’m porting over some software from another non-OpenWRT firmware, which is why the specific configuration; this is my dev setup)
I’m guessing it’s something fairly fundamental I’m missing, but don’t have enough knowledge of the distro (yet) to make any (more) sensible guesses. Any help or pointers appreciated

Since you're set up the wireless link as WAN, you have to provide a DHCP server on the openwrt, or start setting up rules for the request to forward to the openreach.

You mention a DHCP, but not where it reside.

The default configuration should just work fine in that scenario, out if the box. Perhaps you can go back to it, and tell us what does not work.


If you want all IPs to be on the same main network you need only one network. This configuration is called a dumb AP. It's a wireless to wired converter and nothing more. There is only one network in a dumb AP, the LAN, and both the Ethernet and wifi are bridged into it. The dumb AP does not run a DHCP server. Wifi clients will get their DHCP from the main router through the bridge.