Jffs2 partition not save new package installation or save settings

this is a new installation in a mt7620A ( 8M spi flash) device , new snapshot version
Linux version 4.14.169 , (gcc version 8.3.0 (OpenWrt GCC 8.3.0 r12222-35ab804ea7)
the problem is jffs2 partition not save any new package installation or save settings
this is the error in boot log ( jffs2: Erase at 0x003f7000 failed immediately: errno -22 )
the device not keep any setting after reboot , after many investigations on the internet I found it is a bug in the snapshot new openwrt build , if any one in the same situation pls give me any solution , thanks

Have same problem on ZBTs WE826 device. Filed official bug report. May be, you can confirm it on the buglist, to speed up processing.

thanks for confirm this bug.

Switched back to 18.06.7 . No problem then.

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I'm getting the same on TP-Link RE200 snapshot:

[ 55.296397] jffs2: Erase at 0x003ff000 failed immediately: errno -22

I've just compiled and installed a 'snapshot' from commit 8df14c229c02a3b9329afc6e3ebf4f8aec5b59ed
myself and that works (config is kept). So the bug was probably introduced after that commit and you can compile yourself if you want to use snapshot instead of 18.06.

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I just installed version 19.7.1 , it worked smoothly , I learned to not waste my time again with any new snapshot versions , thanks