Jail iot devices in my lan with no access to WWW

Hello !
I'm new to OpenWRT world. I just installed OpenWrt on my mini router, gl-ar150.

Here is ma lan scheme :

PROVIDER Router : (provides internet access and dhcp ip to my lan devices
OpenWrt router :
This router is connected via WAN plug on my provider router, and has
The second interface is LAN, and wlan0 is bridged on this interface :

Now that I have pictured my devices, here is my need.
With this 'IOT' wlan, I want to connect all my wifi iot devices, such as cameras, wall switches, but I don't want them able to talk with internet !

My domotic system is jeedom, on on my lan, and I want it to be able to talk to devices on 192.168.1.x.

Can you explain me if it's possible with openWrt, and how ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

picture for second interface LAN :

you want to create a new interface in Luci, call it iot. give it a new firewall zone, iot. then create a new wifi and make it part of the iot network. change the firewall so iot can forward to lan and back and forth, but deny iot to forward to wan... viola

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