It's compatible TP-Link Archer MR600 v3

Good afternoon and thank you in advance.

I have searched for information on whether it is compatible to install OpenWrt on my TP-Link Archer MR600 V3 router, but it is honestly not clear to me.

I would appreciate a simple answer
Yes or no

YES: what is the file to download and the procedure.

From already thank you very much.


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Thank you in advance
I am looking for info whether there is compatible OpenWRT installation with my TP-Link Archer MR600 V3, but frankly do not encounter definite clarity.
I need simple yes/no answers:
What file I need to downoload to proceed

Simple NO - device is not supported (yet). If you have the skill to rip case open and connect serial you may lead the path towards support.

Question to you - please post local MR600 V3 site with firmware update links, I dont find them in EU sites.

How can I configure my router in bridge mode?

I need to manage my network from a second router.

I don't understand the question, sorry

Since your router is not running OpenWrt (and not supported by this firmware), you will have to consult with the TP-Link documentation/support site for details about how to do this.

That said, you can follow the OpenWrt Dumb AP guide as a general approach, but the specific methods described will not apply to the vendor firmware.

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ok thanks and greetings