it is possilbe add new card pcie in zbt 1326?

it is possible add new card pcie in zbt 1326? i want add one new card in my lan home MT7612E card is horrible.

my radio

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Check if the slot actually has an active PCIe bus. It is likely only USB for a 3G / 4G modem.


I considered going this way, but it would mean developing your own software (as in because it would be a non-standard device, it would be much harder for a novice to get it successfully working.
Now the good news, the Wireless seems to work well now. I compile the directly from the developer , source & compile in Luci & other packages I require.
I find the system is fairly reliable now. I have a difficult house, in that there is a lot of steel that attenuates radio signal. All I can say is I experience no problems.

Thanks to the developers for doing an excellent job.

regards, Doug (Australia)

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I used EC-25e and M909s-120 cards in ZBT WE1326. They both work with little fiddling. I prefer M909s-120 as it seems to work much better from my point of view.