Issues with routing to another network [SOLVED]

So at our business we have two (well more than two but that is all that is important here) networks and is the lan on the openwrt router is a separate network that is accessed through a port on a managed switch that has the ip address assigned and is connected to the lan i.e. the gateway to

I have a static route set up in openwrt and all works as expected (i can access equipment web GUI on from my laptop connected to our lan) IF i am using linux. The problem arises in windows. None of the windows computers will ping anything on that network while all my linux machines can without problem. If i define an explicit route in windows via a "route add" command it will work. Why is this necessary shouldn't the router be handling this without the explicit configuration?

The asymmetric routing could be the problem. It's asymmetric if the packets pass via your router in one direction ut directly from to the computers in the other. Openwrt probably sends icmp redirect messages which may be handled differently. You need to run tcpdump or wireshark to see what actually happens.


Thanks for the tip. I forgot to mention there are a couple netgear managed layer 2+ switches in between everything. I don’t understand why as they are not doing any routing, but for some reason adding the gw route into the switches fixed the issue