Issues with installing OpenWrt on Aruba AP11D

Hi all,

I am trying to OpenWrt firmware (for the AP303h) on an Aruba AP11D. AP-303h. I am following the instructions here - but is facing some issues.

For my current configuration, I have the E0 port connected to a router and a laptop with the TFTP server with the firmware connected connected via wifi to the same router. As my laptop does not have an ethernet port, I am unable do a direct ethernet connection between the TFTP server and the AP I am trying the flash.

In instruction the env are supposed to be set to - setenv ipaddr; setenv serverip; My configurations differ from this in that I set the ipaddr and serverip to the address assigned by the router dhcp. I also set the TFTP port to 69, port 24 did not work for me. I think this config sort of work, because when I ran tftpboot, I can see that the relevant file on the server shows up in the status via the serial inteface.

In step 6 of the instruction, I am suppose to run "run ramboot_openwrt" However after running the command the CLI just went back to the prompt without any other activities.I would like to ask here whether anyone knows what should happen after running "run ramboot_openwrt". This is also what prompted me to try the tftppboot command. Which located the file with no issues but complains the image file format is wrong and did not flash the firmware.

Has anyone here have successfully flash the AP11D with OpenWrt? If yes, are you able to spot any claring mistake that I have made in the steps?

Thank you.

When copying out the commands from, if you copy the multiline entry it will past into the env with a / appended at the end of each line.

You need to ensure its on one line.

For example;

*setenv ramboot_openwrt "run bootargs_openwrt;*
*  setenv ipaddr; setenv serverip;*
*  netget; set fdt_high 0x87000000; bootm*

should be pasted in as
*setenv ramboot_openwrt "run bootargs_openwrt; setenv ipaddr; setenv serverip; netget; set fdt_high 0x87000000; bootm"*

I had the same issue myself and a process of elimination fixed it.