Issues Post Upgrade

Hey all,

I have been holding off on upgrading since the release of 21.02 because I had compatibility issues when attempting to restore my config file. Had a recent power outage corrupt my firmware and thought it was a good a time as any to upgrade. I did a fresh factory image and attempted to restore my config. Here are my details:

Router: Linksys WRT-3200ACM
Firmware Pre Upgrade: 19.07.8
Firmware Post Upgrade: 23.05.3

After restoring my config file I was greeted with a slew of problems.

First, the interfaces were linking to unknown adapters. I fixed this problem by setting the "WAN" interface from "eth 1.2" to "wan". (I could be wrong on this) Currently, my router is in a very crippled state, I can't ping or reach the internet when physically plugged into any port on the back of the unit.

Only thing that currently works is WiFi, and there also seems to be a DNS problem. The only way I can reach the WAN is by setting my NIC to a public DNS server such as or I do have a PiHole on my network that I would like to use, it lives on

I would also like to take advantage of OpenVPN / Wireguard as I had it working on my last build. I also need VPN and WAN Policy-Based Routing to take some of the devices on my network off the VPN. (Mostly the smart TVs as most streaming services cry about being behind a VPN.) Any help would be more than appreciated.


This is your problem.

Reset to defaults and configure from scratch. The 19.07 files are not compatible with 23.05. Aside from the obvious of the 4 major release version delta (which incurs many changes to the syntax over that time; upgrades with settings preserved is only supported for n-1 -> n), your device had a transition from swonfig to DSA which is huge and absolutely not compatible.

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Would it benefit me from upgrading from 19>21>22>23 or will I still need to configure from scratch?


You will still need to configure from scratch. Just stay where you are, reset to defaults, and start the configuration again.

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