Issues on Linksys WRT3200acm with18.06

On a brand new router working perfectly with Linksys firmware and now flashed with OpenWrt latest build is having issues.

1- Very short WiFi range, less than half of the area covered with Linksys Firmware.
I have selected channels to avoid interference. In fact I was trying to move from ASUS AC3200 for poor WiFi but Linksys with OpenWRT is even worst.

3rd SSID isn't broadcasting................

2- WiFi wasn't available after flashing, had to use LAN to access UI.

3- Main ISP router was also set to and Linksys router also had it set to default .....still I could browse the Internet. I change main ISP router LAN to

Now there is no browsing when connected to Linksys router which has LAN set to

4- After SSID settings changed router reverts back with a message that changes aren't applied within 30 seconds so ....reverting.


It's my understanding that the 3rd WiFi is for DFS radar detection only. It's not for usage.

Correct. WiFi is disabled by default for security purposes. See:

This is networking 101, you cannot have 2 sub-networks possessing the same IP numbering.

Hit "Apply Unchecked." Read the provided message:


This may be helpful to your future OpenWrt endeavors:

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Thank you very much for replying.

Is there any solution to very weak 5Ghz signals? 2.4Ghz is still bearable though.

Increase the power.

Afaik mwlwifi doesn't support changing tx power levels in either direction.

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Oh yea! I forgot!


So there is no solution to horribly weak WiFi after OpenWRT flash on WRT3200acm?

disable the radio2 , set channel 100 on radio0,reboot the router, and you ll get 27 dBm.

iirc, what you will get(and cannot override) is dictated by the embedded power table, which is based on device manufacture locale data / intended jurisdictional usage, which you should be able to get with:

iw reg get

A new build of OpenWrt will be out verry soon and it will have a updated driver for the 5 ghz radio in the wrt3200acm. This may or may not help.

I have to same router and I don't experience any probleme with the 5ghz range. But I'm also running eduperez' mwlwifi build, which is usually more recent than the standard openwrt driver. This one (and other community builds) can be found here.

Thank you very much for replying. I will test this but I have a question, should I installed Packaged drivers by eduperez from "files" section when I have a build installed already (not sure which communitybuild it is but original build of Openwrt was updated with this build).

Can you also recommend any community build for wrt3200acm which is a smooth ride for a newbie for Openwrt. I intend to install wireguard later so I have wireguard tunnel on 2.4Ghz and direct to WAN on 5Ghz band.

There is nothing more recent than what is current in the repository, but check the version in your image. If the third radio is in use on your rango, follow the readme on the github, shut it off AND/OR remove it OR ensure country code consistency. See if that helps.

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Actually eduperez build file page isn't available. Do you have any alternate link?

Isn't it? The release files are available at:, and the post in this forum is: Pre-compiled updated mwlwifi drivers for stable releases; both seem available right now.

However, you will notice that there aren't packages for 18.06.2, as the drivers included the latest stable build are up to date versions; and as far as I can remember, there have been no announcements about signal strength improvements during the lifetime of these drivers.