Issues connecting to some devices using mdns and Airplay

I have a streaming amp, a Yamaha WXA50 that I can't connect to with its ".local" address and also cannot access via airplay. At one point early on I think I was able to connect to it via airplay, but the streaming was really choppy. This happened after installing (last week) the recent openwrt snapshot (21.02-SNAPSHOT r16474-97b95ef8b9) on a Linksys wrt3200amc over a factory firmware. I also can't connect to some other esp8266 devices via their .local address, however they are otherwise connecting via their ip address. I also have a pihole DNS server which I can connect to via pi.hole and confirmed it is blocking ads/links. How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Might want to downgrade to 19.07 while waiting for the 21.02.2 release, or try a snapshot.

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Also, this router is notorious for having issues with the ESP8266, it's almost a miracle that they can even connect...

Yes, I had to update the firmware for all my ESP8266 devices to get them to connect again.

I'm currently on 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16474-97b95ef8b9.

I don't know how to derive the snapshot date based on the version :frowning:

But if you're sure it should work with the one you've got, then the patch doesn't work, I guess.

I downloaded it on 2/8... not sure if that helps. But I thought if the ESP's are connecting and I can access them by their IP, then the mdns issue would be some configuration or setting that I need to change and not related to wifi driver bugs.

I am planning on getting a wifi AP and using the wrt3200acm as a router/switch, but I am thinking that it will still have mdns issues due to some setting in OpenWRT. Initially I couldn't connect to pi.hole until I disabled rebind protection so I don't know if there is some settings that affect mdns. I have another streaming player based on a raspberry pi that I can access with its .local address.

Just another note is I periodically lose the 5GHz radio and have to restart it or reboot the router. Sometimes the 2.4GHz radio goes down, but not as often.