Issue with OpenWrt forums (hear me out...)

tldr, I need admin help, don't just dismiss this, or the merger is really going to screw with me.

Since LEDE became a thing, I was happy, mainly because I could actually access a forum again about my router. I have been unable to log in to the OpenWRT (site/forums), since the site thinks I am a bot. It wont let me change from my home or work locations, and I don't want to try at a friend's house, in case this is a full on IP block (which it seems to be, since I can't create new accounts from those locations, either).

I have been emailing the OpenWRT forum admin for over 2 years now, and I have never received a response. Is there any way an admin here can speak to someone over there, and get this fixed? The email is the same on this account.

Are you talking about or or both?
What error message do you get when you try to log in?

If I try to log in to the forum, I get a "invalid user/password" error. If I then try to reset my password, I get the email link to do so, enter a new password and get the following error:
2018-01-04 04_28_18-Forum message — OpenWrt

I get a similar "invalid user/password" error on the wiki page.

Possibly somebody has earlier tried to open too many accounts from your IP address, so that your current IP (or your ISP's whole IP block) has been blacklisted by Openwrt admins (or their blocklist provider). Or it may just be automatic internal heuristics in the forum system there.

Just stick to the LEDE forum instead...

I have changed ISPs 4 times. I have changed work three times (two different countries, this issue started back in the UK). There is a seriously annoying forum bot trying to make sure every IP I try to use, is blocked.

Unless April Fool's is early, the merger is going to change where the main discussions take place.

Also, this is just borderline driving me insane, as I'm wondering how this started in the first place, and why the openwrt admins haven't been responding. I posted this thread and managed to get an admin (thanks, @tmomas) within 24 hours.

The forum to be used is still open:

The merger of the OpenWrt and LEDE forums and wikis is not yet fully decided, so all portals will continue to be available under their respective domains until a definite consensus is reached.

Personally I prefer the more modern LEDE forum as it e.g. enables targeting users with @ etc. modern features. (But yeah, I am still the #2 poster on the Openwrt forum, so I am familiar also with that forum software.)

Oh, then I hope this becomes the main discussion hub xD

Regarding OpenWrt wiki:

Maybe because there is no user registered in the OpenWrt wiki with your emailadress or username.

Can you create a new account in the wiki?
Which browser do you use? Have you tried a different one?

Regarding OpenWrt forum: Who have you already contacted?

I have managed to create an account for the wiki.

For the forum, I've tried Firefox/Chrome/Safari, and tried re-registering with my email, but I get the same "we think you are a bot" error.

I have also tried creating a new account with a new email, and got the same issue (which is why I think somehow every public IP address I have ever used, is getting blacklisted).

I emailed, which was suggested on that same error page.

Nice to see that the wiki login works for you now.
You could contact nitroshift regarding the forum issue.