Issue with OpenConnect/ocserv

Hi all!

I tried exporting certificate from router running ocserv to import them to client application. Without that, I would be getting “Untrusted certificate” warning before connection. So I did that following the steps 10 to 19 from this link:

So I ended up with a user-cert.p12 which can be imported to Cisco AnyConnect application. I imported this certificate on my Windows computer and on Android phone. On Windows things work as expected (no more warning before making connection), but on Android I still get the same warning. So now I wonder if anyone has any idea why would that happen and how to solve this?

And because there also exists OpenConnect android app, I also tried that. There wasn’t any certificate problem. Instead, there was a problem with connection. I can successfully connect with this app, but for some reason I don’t have access to local network or internet.

Anyone else here using ocserv? How do you guys connect to it from android?