Issue with La Fonera

Hi, I have a Fonera FON2100A/B/C device.
Maybe it's bricked because after install a new versione of DDWRT now it doens't work.
Is it possible to install open wrt? How?
Thank you

Last OpenWrt support for FON2100 was OpenWrt 10 Backfire, circa 2011 !

Ok and it is not possible to install?
I want to use this device to connect to a WIFI router (in wireless) and connect a IPCAM with cable to this Fonera...

Last OpenWrt release for it was over 10 years ago. The FON2100 is a 802.11b/g wireless device.

imho, you should consider getting something newer that is currently 'supported'. You may otherwise find it difficult to get any help for 10+ year old version of OpenWrt on the forum!

Hi, now It works I have de-bricked it with FONFLASH application.
Now I am running DDWRT but I want to try OpenWRT...
Now with another device I use DDWRT in "client" mode WIFI.

Study the device page.

Good luck....

Thank you.
Is it possibile to pass from DDWRT to OPEN WRT directly? How?

I don't know.
Restore OEM firmware and flash OpenWrt.

Let's just be very clear about this:

  • this LaFonera hardware is not supported by OpenWrt.
    only 16 MB RAM, while minimum system requirements are >= 64 MB, 16 MB won't even boot without crashing (OOM).
  • OpenWrt versions older than 21.02.x are EOL and not supported either.
    there's no point to even discuss well over a decade old obsolete versions. from a security point of view, these are a complete no-go an horribly insecure and no one rembers the details after all this time anyways.

10 bucks on the used markets could probably get you much better and fully supported hardware.

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Ok but without mod firmwares, What possible buy to connect to another wifi lan and make in my home a separate wireless and wired LAN?

fwiw, look for routers which offer 'wireless repeater' function.

Alternatively, turn off existing LAN wifi and install mesh wifi solution. The satellite mesh unit(s) will usually have a spare ethernet sockets (eg. for your IPcam).

Consider the reliability/stability of any new wifi installation if you plan to stream continuous video from the IPcam. ie. would you need to restart the wifi units every few days because they stop working etc!

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Ok but wireless repeater is different from client wireless.
Usually it's not possible make a new LAN (main router is 192.168.1.X and my lan 192.168.2.X).
And not possible to create a new SSID different from main SSID...