Issue with DNS settings

i have again an issue with the DNS server. On my main router i set inside /etc/dnsmasq.conf, translation of the 2 public domains to local IPs.


To that main router is connected dumb ap via ethernet from switch; all clients connected to that ap can ping public domains -> they are translated to local IPs...

The issue is my other computer which is connected via ethernet to the main router... that pc just cant ping these public domains at all... any idea whats the issue? The computer has DNS set to dns of the main router ie


seems the issue was ipv6.

I completely disabled ipv6 on that computer, in adapters settings and now i can ping these hosts.
So ipv6 is causing the issue; is it possible completely disable ipv6 in my openwrt? No point to have it as i dont use it and its doing just mess...

i have no clue from where comes that wan6 device?

I just deleted Wan6 interface, idea why its there and no point to have it there...