ISP modem same IP


My ISP modem ( is on the same network as my Router ( how can I configure my router to not access the modem interface?

Firewall settings need to be changed? Or do I need to set the system to Router mode?

Change your router IP address. It can be anyone.
For example, change it to with netmask

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I know this solution too. But I want to make it so that the Ip address remains, but only my router is accessible, not the ISP modem.

Define remains?

My laptop gets the IP address from my router's DHCP server. When I try to access my router's ip address from this address, the modem interface loads instead.

Instead of...?

I know what you mean. But when I connect in wi-fi client mode with the same ip address, I see the router's luci page. I want to do the same thing with cable.

Well, yeah?

You either have to set up the router as a dumb AP, or change its LAN subnet, as previously suggested.

I just don't understand why this works in wifi clients mode? That's weird.

you have two option:

  1. use openwrt wan, firewall. just change the openwrt gateway to someting,
  2. use openwrt as dumb ap if you connect the two devices via ethernet cable, just set the ip address
    if you like the second option read about openwrt dumb ap.
    or if you need on openwrt, change the range address on modem.