Isp dns setup?


I did a test with dns benchmark app and my isp dns are faster than google, quad9 and cloudlfare. Is it a good idea to keep them or we are always better to change it and put customs dns?

This seems like a personal choice...

  • Does your ISP hijack invalid DNS answers (and that's something you dislike)?
  • Are they known to log customers' DNS requests?

I'm not sure how this is OpenWrt related, or why you under an impression that it's "always better" to use another DNS server (the reasoning isn't apparent from the post). Feel free to elaborate.

cause IVe installed fot the first time open wrt yesterday, so I'M configuring my firmware/router, I thought I could ask that here...

Ive read here and there that mostly use customs dns...

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I'm not sure that's majority...but I see no reason not to use the fastest DNS servers for WAN resolvers (i.e. your DHCP issued DNS servers) long as there's no hijacking or privacy concerns by the ISP; or encrypted DNS needs on your part.

You can also place the ISP's DNS servers in a custom WAN list with your other choices...dnsmasq only listens to the fastest reply anyways.

ok thanks, I uncheck ''.... use by peers'' and add my dns there?

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Correct. In the WAN interface config:

Screenshot from 2020-04-23 11-12-45


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