Isolated Vlan for guest wifi

Hello community, newby here. Apologizes for lack of understanding here but would like to see if this real world scenario can be fixed with openwrt and a Linksys wrt1900acs v2.

In my RV at the RV park, on the guest wifi (hint, it sucks). Remember still learning so may be way off here, any way to use a isolate Vlan from the guest wifi to bring me a more stronger signal wired or wifi? Looking to get a stronger signal to run my Apple TV.

I’m open to learning how a raspberry pie can help here. Or not. A you tube video about raspberry pie and PFsence vpn router sent me down this rabbit hole!

Thanks everyone!

Do you control the upstream router? If so, maybe you could do something. But if not, there is nothing you can do to improve the speed of the connection. It’s like trying to drive a formula 1 car on a highway during rush hour - if the highway is jammed with traffic, you can only go as fast as the cars ahead of you.

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No I don’t. It’s controlled by the host. However I am near his cabin. Besides actually running an Ethernet cable from the main router to my RV what can I do?

If the issue is the quality of the signal, you could get a device with better (more directional) antennas. If the signal itself is good, but the network is slow, there is nothing more to do.