ISC DHCP Relay, not working on startup


I have installed onto a Picostation M2

OpenWrt 18.06.5 r7897-9d401013fc

While the DHCP relay fails to 'start' when I switch on the device.

If I go to System --> Startup and initiate a 'Restart' by pressing the restart button, the DHCP relay will then function normally.


If I change any network settings or any wireless settings, the DHCP relay will again not function, but if I go to System --> Startup and initiate a 'Restart' by pressing the restart button again the DHCP relay will function normally.

I have also tried with OpenWrt 17.06.6 and isc-dhcp-relay-ipv4: 4.3.5-1 and the same thing occurs.

Can anybody point out a solution/workaround or assist me in troubleshooting this issue ?


Did you disable dnsmasq?


I have disabled the firewall for both the lan and wan.

Hence I am assuming that masquarade is disabled.


Your response has nothing to do with my question; I'm not even sure you were answering me. It seems you confused the firewall (does firewalling) with dnsmasq (does DHCP client/DNS resolver). Also, I'm not sure how or why one would have "disabled the firewall"...nor do you explain why you would have disabled masquerade. I guess that just means you changed everything to ACCEPT.

Nonetheless, obviously you cannot have two process listening on the same port. This is why I asked if you disabled dnsmasq, as it seems you wish to run an ISC-based DHCP program instead.


Apologies, I work with Mikrotik mainly, when I saw dnsmasq by mind went straight to "masquarade" which is part of the Firewall functions in RouterOS (NAT rules).

So with regards to your question I assumed you were talking about the section in Openwrt

Network --> Firewall --> Zones --> Masquerading

Now I have understood that dnsmasq is a startup process on openwrt.

I have not disabled this (dnsmasq) startup item, I will do that now and test.


** EDIT **
So I disabled the "dnsmasq" service from starting up and rebooted the router, the issue still persists.

And did you enable ISC-DHCP?