Is WRT3200ACM good with OpenWrt


I'm considering picking up the WRT3200ACM.

How well does OpenWRT run on this router. Are there any issues? Is it stable enough for me to set it and forget it?

Would I have any problems with WiFi, switch, routing etc. if I was to flash the latest version?

Are there features that are broken or missing at the moment?

I have 200/10, would this router handle SQM at these speeds?

If anyone who currently owns can shine some light on what I'm getting myself into that would be much appreciated.


The wrt3200acm is basically well supported and a very fast wired router. The wireless side of it however is less good, mwlwifi has always had interoperability issues (especially with IoT/ smarthome devices run by the esp8266/ esp32), has quite a few problems with DFS channels and it's completely broken for WPA3/ IEEE 802.11w. After Marvell has sold their wireless division to NXP there is little to no chance for any fixes for its firmware/ driver anymore.

Because of these challenges on the wireless side, I would not recommend to purchase it anymore - which is sad, as the device is fast, can route at 1 GBit/s line-speed and is very well supported. For the wireless devices it works with, it's also very fast - but it (most likely) won't get any fixes for the many known issues anymore.


Ah thank you for your fast reply!

Sounds like potentially I might encounter serious unfixable WiFi issues.

Sadly, I don't have another WiFi AP and I need this device to be AiO, so this model is a no-go.

You've saved me a lot of time. Thank you. :grinning:

I couldn't help but to notice that last official Linksys firmware was from this February. Does stock also have same WiFi issues?

Read New official firmware wrt3200 acm

Short answer is no wpa3 and still some compatibility issues.

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