Is TP-Link VR600V2 AC1600 router supported?


I have a wireless router TP-Link VR600 V2 / AC1600
I did not find it in the supported devices.
Is it possible to install OpenWrt on it?

device page:


If it's not explicitly listed as supported in the ToH, the answer is no.

A very, very casual look at the device's OEM firmware suggests an all broadcom design, which would mean no xDSL, FXS or wlan support at all (and virtually no chance for this to change either) - this kind of limits the usefulness of this device, even if it would gain basic device support.

Thanks for your reply, but I don't understand, how can you say :

and I know it supports a lot of features.

It means exactly that. Provided someone with the device spends the (significant) time to port OpenWrt to the vr600, there is a chance that OpenWrt could boot on the SOC (and ARM + NAND could already be an open question for Broadcom and is not a given), with support for ethernet and the switch, but there won't be any support for the ADSL/ VDSL modem, nor FXS/ DECT support - and only very, very basic (<54 MBit/s) wlan support (if at all). There are no drivers for either of those - and virtually no chance for that to change in the future.

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OpenWrt does not support these feature for this device.

Thanks for the explanation.
Is there any custom firmware that can be used for this router (even if commercial)? I tried to find one, but I didn't find.