Is TP-LINK TL-WPA8635P v3.0 supported?


I bought a TL-WPA8635P v3.0 thinking it was a TL-WPA8631P... but it's not. I can't see any differences on the specs, the only difference I get is that it uses a E socket instead of a F one.

Anyone tried this model? is it compatible with the TL-WPA8631P build?


Don't expect it... I'd only attempt it, if I had working console access.

Yes, that's why I'm looking for a feedback before attempting anything :slight_smile:

And do you, have serial hooked up ?

It appears so, except for the missing SupportList entry in the OpenWrt images.

This might be a Belgium specific regional variant of WPA8631P v3?

Inspecting the only available firmware wpa8635pv3_fr-up-ver3-0-0-P1-20210625-rel39993-APPLC.bin from here shows the WPA8631Pv3 EU is supported by this firmware:

$ strings wpa8635pv3_fr-up-ver3-0-0-P1-20210625-rel39993-APPLC.bin | grep -A2 SupportList

And and the partition layout is the same as WPA8631P v3:

$ grep -ao "partition .*$" wpa8635pv3_fr-up-ver3-0-0-P1-20210625-rel39993-APPLC.bin | md5sum
0771948573fffa726b8927ca6259ea16  -

So if we add the TL-WPA8635P to the TL-WPA8631P-V3 supportlist in tplink-safeloader.c it would probably work.

However there could be some other unknown as-yet-unsupported hardware differences that would cause this device to become bricked with this firmware, which would require opening up the device and reflashing it with an SOIC-8 clip. Unless you are willing to risk your device like this, we can wait here for someone else to come along and try it. There is also this outstanding issue which may also apply to the flash memory in this device. After that issue is fixed, I will make a test firmware adding WPA8635P v3 that someone can test.


@jwmullally provided me with an image which I was able to boot on my device. So far everything seems to run as expected. Thanks a lot again! I'm only using wifi and ethernet though, I'm not planning on using the PLC feature.

I flashed directy the firmware from the TP-LINK interface from a 3.0.0 Build 20210625 Rel.39993 version if that information is useful for anybody :slight_smile:

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Thanks for testing :slight_smile:

PR submitted:

Hopefully this will be supported for both the next OpenWrt 22.03.6 release and future releases. If anyone wants a copy of that test build above, send me a message.

This was included in the openwrt-23.05 tree in this commit and is available in the latest 23.05.0-rc3 build of the tplink_tl-wpa8631p-v3 image. I added it to the wiki page.