Is there free vpn for openvpn what can do work transfer lan with cgnat internet

i need to acces location with modem wifi and wifi camera but dont have acces can openvpn help me and how,i dont have nat on far location i have cgnat there here is nat ok at home

There is no free lunch, you pay one way or another - unless you host it yourself (a half competent ISP throws at least IPv6 into their cgNAT offerings, which can be used for the VPN endpoint as well, as long as all clients are IPv6 enabled).

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i mention ih last post that portmapio can do free remote acces wuth cgnat can that work somehow please i dont have money po pay vpn

these looks promise zerotier? can and how i use these how and where to put in router these is packagde

how to install for use zero tier i have here mifi (with cgnat)so i can check is lan transfering work just how to set zerotier in router please peopels help me
i have wr743 and wr741 with openwrt with i can get signal wifi from mifi and how to set in wr741 zerotier is it need two router or one and how to setup
special thanks for vgaetera

what to put in Software for install zerotier?

unfortunitly i dont have 423Kb memory only 68Kb i have installed httpd and open vpn

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please help me :frowning:

you kind of "solved" your own problem in Is there free vpn for openvpn what can do work transfer lan with cgnat internet - #8 by 0penWRT

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dont have that much memory

exactly my point.


I don't think there's any VPN that will readily work on a 4/32 device. Crypto libraries are large.


i sew on my wr841v3 with snapshot openwrt i have free memory for software like 2,3 Mb is that enought for that vpn pkg ?

what is name of app what to input to donwload and instal zer tier please?

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thank you i founded needs 292kb for wr740 openwrt maybe still i got chansses :slight_smile: i hope really

wr841hpv3 starts to install and stuck with error code 255



Collected errors: * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for zerotier: * kernel (= 5.4.113-1-23c52733ea672e453b9cafb943361fdb) * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package zerotier.

The opkg install command failed with code 255.

frollic how these tor works how much he needs memory ? what i need to do to install and set client at locatio and acces at house lans on router far from me

well, the error is due to the nature of the snapshot ...

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Zerotier is nice, but it's anything but small.

3027 1 root S 11632 9% 1% /usr/bin/zerotier-one /var/lib/zerotier-one_net

Here, an instance of Zerotier is using 11.6 MB of RAM. No way that will run on a 32 MB device.