Is there documentation suitable for printing?

Hi everyone,

Ubuntu user transitioning to Fedora GNU/Linux and OpenWrt newbie here. I recently ordered a ZBT we826-t2 MT7620A 300Mbps OpenWrt router with 32 MB of flash and 128 MB of RAM (and without the 4G module) following the advice on the #openwrt IRC channel for an inexpensive yet capable device.

The thing is, I need to familiarize myself with OpenWrt as a user and found the documentation on the wiki really useful – but hard to read. Would you have something (the copy of the wiki or an e-book you'd recommend) in PDF format so that I can print it out?

Thanks in advance.

Actually an old question here in the forum if you make a search.
And the simple answer on the question is still No.

But you can still print the webpages you are interested in as pdf.

Or make a dump of it, using tools like httrack.

I guess it is possible to run the whole user guide in offline mode like on the good old times 20years ago with modem connections that cost money by the minute.

But is this problem reading it on a screen (I doubt it since everything gets a very much more worse formatting when not on actual screen) or reading it offline while configuring the router?
If the the problem is the offline access while configuring the router my recommendation is to use a secondary internet connection/router.


It's mainly because I find it a lot more comfortable to read on dead trees, especially for long stuff. I'll try to create the PDF myself then. Thanks for the clear answers.

Start here -

No need to print the Internet, but you do you.

This planet have to survive longer then the existence of your brain cells! Dont print! If you have issues with reading on backlit devices, use e-ink screens instead. There are tons of them already produced that can be used for humans with such issues.

I was going to suggest e-ink as well; a good device is a lot like reading paper and those devices don't weigh a lot, either. I'm not going to fault someone for preferring real paper, but e-ink is at least worth exploring.