Is there any way to install a full feature ps command?

Hello. Currently, I saw the ps is from busybox. The feature is not full, aux, ef options are not supported. Is there a method to install the full feature ps just for my development?

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opkg update && opkg install procps-ng-ps


Thank you for your quick response. Currently I am running a rathing old openwrt base. When I run opkg update, I got following errors:
opkg update

wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden

Do you have any suggestion? Thank you.

First, you’re potentially not running OpenWrt at all, give that repo address. Likely you have a device that some OEM hacked ages old OpenWrt onto, probably never published a matching package for, never released the GPL-required sources, and never updated.


  • Upgrade to current OpenWrt if your device is supported
  • Port OpenWrt to your device
  • Recycle the router and buy one that is properly supported.

Thank you again. It should be MTK release based. From the git log, the old commit ID is not same as the current openwrt git. I had planned to upgrade it to a new release. It seems quite a lot different files. Is it possible just to configure opkg with a corrent repo address? The device is based on MT7621A.

Write model of your device and don't bother with stupid questions.

None of the kernel modules will match and it is likely that the libraries won't either. Last I checked, MTK's fork off OpenWrt was so old as to be unsupportable (Linux 3.10 or so). MTK's proprietary fork of OpenWrt is supported by MTK, not by the OpenWrt project.

Thank you. It seems I have to upmerge those changes.

i met it, only can type ps

I haven't touch openwrt for over one year. But I remember I downloaded some ipkg file, and after that, I got a full featre ps. The download can be performed on the openwrt board directly.
I remember I also installed minicom.

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