Is there any analog of Mikrotik PCQ queues?

Is there any analog of Mikrotik PCQ queues?

Have you looked into the various SQM options already available for OpenWrt?

If so, what feature of the PCQ implementation are you looking for?

It's hard to understand how sqm works, it seems, that's a new thing in openwrt. I am actually searching for Microtik PCQ. I want to share traffic between all connections by grouping them by ip adress and give each group equal amount of traffic. That's what PCQ do.

The "equivalent" for OpenWrt is the SQM scripts. The can easily be added and configured through LuCI or through the command line. SQM in OpenWrt has been around for five to ten years or so and is pretty stable.

"Piece of Cake" likely does close to what you want.

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