Is there an issue building on Ubuntu 19.04

Is it just me, or have others successfully built and flashed an image on/from the above OS version. In setting up an Odroid H2 I loaded the above OS and have tried numerous builds over the last week, non of which have successfully flashed, I have only been testing with target mvebu / mamba to this point.

I had some issues with one of the packages in the feeds (I forget which) a while ago, but nothing recently for multiple ath79 and ar71xx targets from GL.iNet, and no issue building for ipq40xx (TP-Link Archer C2600) either.

Thanks. Did you stay on the default gcc-8? I was considering maybe changing out the default compiler as a test today.

Do you have any errors during the make? I'm using Ubuntu 19.04 without any issues.

No, it is just flashing the generated image that has issues, anything from appearing to flash but not actually doing so, to completely borking the device.

I use Ubuntu 19.04 to build my images for ipq806x, mvebu and ar71xx/ath79, for master, 19.07 and 18.06 branches. Default toolchain options, default target optimisation, default gcc, musl. No problems.

Ps. Today I encountered a build problem with the python3 bump, but had no time to Investigate, yet.

As @jeff reported now require

sudo apt install python3-distutils